PDF Section Size Description
How to Select Axles 101k Informational section about how to select axles and running gear, how to order tubular axle assemblies and how to determine correct axle position.
(pages A-2 - A-4)
Nev-R-Lube & E-Z Lube 60K Informational page about Nev-R-Lube and E-Z Lube bearing lubrication systems.
(page A-5)
Tubular Axles 2,000lb - 6,000lb 269K Product pages for 2,000lb., 3,500lb., 6,000lb. regular duty and 6,000lb heavy duty tubular axles.
(pages A-6 - A-13)
Tubular Axles 7,000lb - 8,000lb 178K Product pages for 7,000lb, 7,200lb. and 8,000lb tubular axles.
(pages A-14 - A-17)
Tubular Axles 9,000lb - 27,500lb 285K Product pages for 9,000lb., 10,000lb. general and heavy duty, 12,000lb. heavy duty, 15,000lb. heavy duty and 22,500lb - 27,500lb heavy duty tubular axles.
(pages A-18 - A-23)
Torflex Information 173K Informational page about Torflex rubber torsion suspension axles. Section includes guides on how to select, how to order and how to install.
(pages A-24 - A-27)
#8 - #10 Torflex Axles 281K Product pages for 600lb - 900lb #8 Torflex, 1,000lb. - 2,200lb. #9 Torflex and 2,300lb. - 3,500lb. #10 Torflex Axle Assemblies.
(pages A-28 - A-33)
#11 - #13 Torflex Axles 305K Product pages for 4,000lb. - 6,000lb #11 Torflex, 5,500lb. - 7,000lb. #12 Torflex, 7,200lb. #12V Torflex and 8,000lb. #13 Torflex Axle Assemblies.
(pages A-34 - A-39)
#10K Torflex Axles 132K Product pages for 9,000lb. - 10,000lb general duty and heavy duty #10K Torflex Axle Assemblies.
(pages A-40 - A-41)
Torflex Articulation Information 66K Informational page about how to read and understand Torflex Articulation Dimensions.
(page A-42)
Entire Section 1.49MB Entire Axle Assemblies Section.

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